Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dillon loves to be like his daddy. He imitates everything. When Chris was getting over his cold last week, he had to well you know-spit. So what did Dillon do? He walked around the house trying to spit. Bless his heart...and mine too, let's pray he doesn't actually figure out how to make something come out. Here are some recent photos-he's probably listening to Blur-what a hipster.
Con mucho amor.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Here HE is. Our second son. So proud. So wiping a tear from my eye. I can't wait for them to be best friends and well probably not be at times too and that's okay-I am just so happy to give them the gift of each other. Big smiles and lots of love.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello! Merry Christmas...oh wait it's the end of January...then what's my Christmas tree still doing up?! Oh it was so comforting on our walk at dusk last week (in close to eighty degree weather!) to peek through our neighbors windows and see that no, in fact we are not the only people on the planet to still have a Christmas tree up. And, while my tree being up is purely by accident/pregnancy exhaustion/desire to watch Top Chef instead of shoving stuff into our already full attic I don't mind it that much, in fact when all the windows are closed and no one can see in to think I am crazy (God forbid!) I even turn the lights on...I did take the ornaments down a coupla weeks ago. We had a great Christmas and it was sometime around the beginning of the year that my morning sickness subsided and I remembered what being human felt like...now time to focus on eating well again, prenatal yoga, walking and sleeping so as to create another healthy, happy, stubborn, bossy, picky, wild, bath lovin, vegetable hating human. Here are some photos to catch you up with how our fall and Christmas turned out. You'll notice there are none during Thanksgiving-that's because I spent the holiday week curled up in the fetile position mumbling something about this being the last baby we have-my relatives learned to ignore me real quick-soon I was just a hump on the couch constantly asking if it was hot in here.
It's amazing how many photos I have and how often I swear I am gonna organize them all. My parents took a ton of me growing up, but I bet it's fair to say that I take more in one week than they took in six months. Thanks mom & dad for my new Canon SLR-it makes the process so easy! Viewer beware-this is the epitemy of picture overload. Ciao!